Fear Files’ returns to TV

Fear Files returns to tv vi.

“Fear Files – Darr Ki Sacchi Tasvirein”, which gives a glimpse of the paranormal world with some hair-raising, real-life accounts, is returning on the small screen.

A horror-docudrama series, “Fear Files” has a unique narrative style coupled with the right mixture of first-hand testimonies.

Each episode is a retelling of incidents that turned a person’s worst nightmares into reality.

From poltergeist activities to sightings of strange creatures, it covers various stories.

In fact, while dabbling into several mysterious stories, “Fear Files” will also bring the audience closer to reality by showcasing interviews of people who have experienced such incidents as well as several case studies.

The show will air on Zee TV starting from May 25.

“Amidst the altered, home-bound lifestyles following lockdown, people are in search of variety in the content they consume. Apart from a new mythological band offering viewers an escape into the spiritual side, we are happy to include the thrill of horror in our content mix with ‘Fear Files’ – where we bring inexplicable accounts of the paranormal variety, inspired by real incidents. These episodes are bound to stimulate and fascinate our viewers who fancy the genre during late primetime hours,” said Aparna Bhosle, Business head – Zee TV.