Five Essentials You Need To Remember For A Good Cottage Season

Protect yourself in every way. Pic: NewsCanada

(NC) Cottaging has become an unofficial tradition for many of us. And this summer is no exception, with over a third of Canadians planning on taking a cottage and/or camping trip.

Whether enjoying time at your own cottage, taking a friend up on an invite or renting a location for a much-needed family getaway, here are some essential accessories needed for an unforgettable experience:

1. Fire up some outdoor eats From s’mores to cedar-planked salmon, preparing a meal outdoors has never been easier. Plan ahead for your cooking adventures at the cottage and opt for a portable fire pit, smoker or rotisserie attachment for your barbecue.

2. Enjoy a little fun in the sun Basic pool noodles are a thing of the past, because you can now float the day away in a variety of giant inflatables in wacky shapes like donuts and even pickles. If lounging around is your idea of having fun, a cozy portable hammock will make all your daydreams come true.

3. Chill out For staying hydrated all day and taking sips of your favourite cocktail, consider toting an insulated tumbler that can keep liquids chilled at their original temperature for hours on end. For the long haul, keep all your beverages cold with a portable cooler — just don’t forget to make a pit stop on your road trip for ice.

4. Pump up the jams Make sure your summer playlist gets the fist-pumps it deserves with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

5. Protect yourself Above all else, make sure mosquitoes don’t force you to vacate the outdoors on your cottage vacation. Use an effective, odourless and DEET-free area mosquito repellent from Thermacell to create a 15-foot barrier between you and these pests. Choose from one of its portable products, all conveniently available at Canadian Tire.

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