Five Things You Need To Do When Buying A New Home

Image by Schluesseldienst from Pixabay

(NC) One of the advantages of buying a new-build house or condominium in Ontario is that it comes with a warranty from the builder.

However, as with any other big purchase, it also comes with certain responsibilities for you as a buyer.

To help protect your home and its warranty, here’s a list of things every new home buyer needs to do:

1. Pre-delivery inspection. The PDI will take place with your builder on or before your closing date (or, in the case of condominiums, the occupancy date). Play an active role by making note of incomplete, damaged or missing items, and learning how to operate your home’s systems. This is your chance to learn as much as you can before moving in, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2.Warranty coverage. Check out the Learning Hub for new home buyers and owners at, where you’ll find resources to help you understand your coverage and how to get assistance when you need it.

3. Maintain your home. If you neglect to maintain your home — such as by ensuring proper humidity levels indoors — you may end up jeopardizing your warranty coverage on issues that arise as a result of neglect. There are many ways you can learn about proper home maintenance — your builder, the internet and owner’s manuals are just a few.

4. Bring up warranty service requests asap. \ Timing is everything. If you fail to report warranty issues to the builder during the applicable warranty period, you may end up missing out on coverage. The easiest way to submit warranty claims is online through Tarion, the regulatory body that administers new home warranties in the province.

5. Builder access.
Your builder and their trades will need reasonable access to your home to investigate and address any warranty service requests. Work with your builder to schedule appointments at a mutually convenient time during normal business hours, and keep in mind that denying access to your home could affect your warranty rights.

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