Ford Tours Pharmaceutical Plant

Premier Ford at a the Apotex facility in Etobicoke. Pic: Doug Ford/TWitter

TORONTO: Premier Doug Ford this week visited the. Apotex facilities in Etobicoke on Tuesday, August 25.

He was accompanied by Kinga Surma, MPP for Etobicoke Centre and Ontario’s Associate Minister of Transportation (GTA), Christine Hogarth, MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore and Parliamentary Assistant to the Solicitor General (Community Safety) and Nina Tangri, MPP for MississaugaStreetsville. Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Ministry of Economy.

Ford later tweeted: “They’re Canada’s largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company. Their company has hired hundreds, donated 2 million doses of hydrochloroquinine to the COVID-19 trials, donated thousands of N95 masks, and produced hand sanitizer for Ontario. on Tuesday.

[We have learnt] about the numerous steps they’re taking to help Ontario and Canada fight COVID-19. These folks are critical and have been doing an excellent job so far.”