Forecast for 11th – 17th Nov 16



(March 21-April 20)

You are likely to establish yourself firmly on the professional front. Workplace rivals will not be able to do much against you as you move from strength to strength. Your popularity on the social front is set to rise. Some of you may make new friends and add to your friends’ circle. Financially, you will hold your own and maintain stability. Something started on the exercise front is likely to show results soon. Don’t be impulsive where love is concerned as you can spoil your chances.


(April 21-May 20)

Chances of getting into the good books of a senior cannot be ruled out for some. A little praise will be enough to raise your spirits on the academic or professional front. Some of you will succeed in shedding pettiness and focus at the larger picture on the social front. The magic of thinking big is likely to do wonders for your current financial situation. Relationship gets strengthened as you manage to spare time for lover. Health should not be neglected.


(May 21-July 21)

Dark clouds hovering over your fate for some time now are likely to drift away, letting in the bright and positive sunshine in your life. You are likely to pick up the threads on the professional or academic front and resolve to give it your best. Plans to enhance wealth will succeed and increase your financial strength. Some favourable developments on the social front are foreseen. Person you are attracted to is likely to make the first move on the romantic front. Health remains excellent.


(July 22-July 22)

The moment things start getting okay, you invariably do something to spoil them! Your impulsiveness on the work front may get you on the wrong side of those who matter. Those handling large amounts of cash need to be careful as stars don’t appear too favourable. You can be daggers drawn with someone on the social front, because of a contentious family issue. Wayside food may prove hazardous to your health, so desist. A workplace romance cannot be ruled out for some.


(July 23-August 23)

Those shifting to a new place may face difficulties. You are not in the best of financial health due to a delayed payment, so expect to have a tough time with creditors. Raising a contentious issue on the work front may irritate those who matter. You will find it difficult to convince lover over an issue and this can spoil the weekend. Your reluctance to shake a leg or take up an exercise regimen will soon tell on your health.


(August 24-September 23)

Previous investments are likely to give good returns. For those feeling the pinch, financial situation is set to improve. You will manage to put your point across over an issue on the work front. Some social commitment may have to be kept in abeyance due to lack of time. You are likely to take a step forward in your quest for romance. Someone is likely to do you a good turn towards mid of the week. An old ailment is likely to respond to a new line of treatment.


(September 24-October 23)

If wishes were horses you would have certainly galloped, but alas, you have to bow down to what is in store! Something you desperately want on the social front may not appear achievable as of now. You may try to overreach yourself at work, but won’t make much headway. Moneywise, you will save through some good bargains. Adopting something on the health front that suits you is likely for some. You will go along with lover just to make him or her feel nice.


(October 24-November 22)

A happening week when you can afford to let your hair down and enjoy yourself on both social and professional fronts. Those looking for a suitable job are likely to get a call. A friendly bet with a friend or a colleague is likely to be won by you and may translate into a good monetary gain. A passionate evening is on the cards for those in love, so don’t forget to dim the lights and put on the soft music! Health remains excellent.


(November 23-December 21)

An overseas trip materialises for some and is likely to prove most enjoyable. You will be able to raise a loan to buy property that had caught your fancy. Businesspersons may find some lucrative opportunities on the horizon. You will be able to meet a deadline without much problem. Those playing the stocks can expect this week to turn out profitable. Taking up a daily exercise regimen is on the cards for some. A party or a gathering may find you at your impressive best.


(December 22-January 21)

Someone is likely to draw your interest towards physical fitness. You may worry about an impending event that you are responsible for organising, but help will be at hand. A complex issue at work may be taken up by you towards mid of the week, but you may not be able to make much headway. An outstanding payment is likely to be received. Spending time with someone you secretly love is foretold and will prove immensely fulfilling. A call from someone close may find you hitting the road.


(January 22-February 19)

Pending issues at work will need to be tackled on an urgent basis. Be judicious in spending money and steer clear of buying things that are not of immediate use. Some of you will take some actions to come back in shape. Disagreements on the home front may lead to arguments and threaten to spoil the domestic environment. Suspicious nature of lover may get your goat. Be adequately prepared for a long journey as problems are foreseen. Don’t trust anyone in a property matter.


(February 20-March 20)

Meticulous efforts are likely to establish you ever so firmly on the professional front. Earning is slated to increase for those working on commission basis or as middlemen. An excellent marriage proposal for you or someone eligible in the family is likely to be received. You may be called upon to undertake a journey out of town. Financial front is likely to get strengthened as past investments mature. Someone close to you is likely to bring you fame. Those suffering from a lifestyle disease need to take care.