Forecast for 16th – 22nd Sept’16 – By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma



Your greatest gains will come through your creative ideas at professional front. this week you move with new excitement & confidence as you receive support from family and friends. Long pending arrears and dues will finally be recovered. Romance touches new heights, as partner positively responds. Meditation and yoga prove beneficial for spiritual as well as physical gains. Take some time to travel with your spouse for romance and seduction. Its time to make some property investments for your kids. Polite behavior will be appreciated by showering verbal praise on you.


Success is certain provided you work as a team. Family front seems to go smoothly as you receive their full support to your plans. this week investment concerning residence will be profitable. You are likely to find someone with whom you will enjoy the ecstasies of love. A very healthy week when your cheerfulness gives the desired tonic and confidence. You can make your vacation extra special by planning it with your family and friends. Purchasing official accessories can lead to improve growth of your office. Promising week to pamper yourself and doing things that you enjoy the most.


You will be on the seventh heaven when you receive recognition for your achievements at work. You find relief, comfort and affection in the company of family members. Financial hassles seem to get over as someone lends a timely helping hand. Love comes your way as friendship turns into romance. You are likely to maintain good health that would also give you success. Spiritual vacation is a quest for life, plan it and enjoy it with your family. Inheriting property from your relatives seems to be ahead. Verbal communication will be your biggest asset this week.


Your creativity will amaze people around you besides enhancing career prospects. Time spent with relatives will be to your advantage. Promising week to invest surplus money in real estate. You are likely find comfort in the arms of romantic partner. A continuous positive thinking gets rewarded as you succeed in whatever you do this week. Vacation full of beauty and history as well as exciting is waiting for you. Your income can be doubled by renting your house or a part of your house. Your valuable advice would help someone in distress this week.


New job opportunities for some will be better than expected. Family members will be very positive & supportive to your plans. A sound financial health would enable to invest on lucrative schemes. Love and romantic encounter will this week keep you in a cheerful state. Creative hobbies are likely to keep you relaxed. Traveling on your own, with a friend or with the whole family will be exciting and comfortable too. It would be beneficial if you plan to buy a small property. this week you will get lot of interesting invitations including a surprise gift.


At work you are likely to win appreciation and awards for past efforts. Relatives will be willing to lend a helping hand at the time of need. Your brilliant ideas would help in bringing financial gains. Sudden romantic encounter is foreseen this week. With a positive outlook & confidence, you succeed in impressing people around you. Travel in comfort with kids to an adventurous place might be possible. Real estate is one thing on which you can rely on to invest. Your magnetic-outgoing personality will impress others.


Timely and swift action would give an edge over others at professional front. New relationship at family front will be long lasting & highly beneficial. A promising week to earn profits in real estate and financial transactions. A promising week for romance when your innovation infuses a new spirit in it. Mental alertness would enable to solve a tricky problem. A trip that stimulates and gives opportunity for work is coming ahead. Investment on construction business would flourish your income. Your magnetic, outgoing personality will put you into the limelight in social function.


Colleagues and subordinates will lend a helping hand enabling to complete the work on time. Guests visit would make it a pleasant & wonderful week. An improvement in monetary position makes it convenient to purchase essential items. Partner brings immense romantic pleasure even if work pressure occupies your mind A cheerful state of mind brings mental peace. A luxurious getaway type vacation with your spouse waiting for you. Dealings for older properties can be in process. If you have been waiting for interesting things happening in your life, then you are sure to find some relief this week.


Success in completing difficult assignments brings a lot of laurels at work. You will be in the mood to celebrate with family and friends this week. This week long-term investment would enable to make substantial gains. Romance rules heart & mind this week. Good time to divert attention to spirituality to enhance mental toughness. Thrilling experience is on your way, as your trip is full of excitement Your possession for acquiring a plot might be achieved. You find yourself in the spotlight when your help is publicly acknowledged.


Self-confident would enable to convey your point of view with ease a workplace. Good advice from family members brings gains. Financial hassles will be eased out with the help of your friends. Romantic imagination occupies mind forcing to go out of the way to please partner. A pleasure trip gives the much-needed tonic to health. Pack your bags as a happy, fun-filled holiday is looking forward. If you invest on smaller properties then it can be beneficiary for future investments. Volunteering work that you do this week will not only help the needy but also help in enhancing self-esteem.


Mental clarity gives a decisive edge over all competitors at professional front. The company of family friends will keep you in a happy & relaxed mood. Certain important plans will be executed, bringing fresh financial gains. Cupids arrows would make your heart flutter high. Cutting down the number of parties and pleasure jaunts would help in keeping in good mood. An enriching vacation full of fun is what you need. Your plan to own a house is ought to be in the right way. Your ability to help needy people will bring respect.


Calculated risks would enables to complete the project on time. Parental guidance in your decision would immensely help. Speculations are likely to bring monetary profits. You are likely to enjoy a pleasure trip that will rejuvenate your passions. A beneficial week to work on things that will improve your health. Time to make your vacation a dream come true. Plan to invest in cafeteria or a bakery shop; it might create new opportunities for you. You receive important invitation from an unexpected friend.