Forecast for 25th Nov – 1st Dec’16


Forecast for 25th Nov – 1st Dec’16

By: Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

(Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Consultant)



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(March 21-April 20)

A professional victory is yours, but you will have to play your cards well. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals will be able to add to their reputation. Salaried persons may not get too thrilled with the arrears they receive. Organising a function at home will prove hectic, but enjoyable. Your romantic ideas are likely to please the lover. Introducing health food in your diet plan will be a good idea. Travelling proves tiring, but fun. Settling a property deal is on the cards for some.


(April 21-May 20)

This is a favourable week for completing pending jobs on the professional front. Wholehearted support of colleagues can be expected in an important project. A vacation is on the cards for those wanting to visit some specific place. Meeting an old school time crush is likely to make dull days bright. Homemakers will have enough money to see the work to completion. Those lagging in studies are likely to catch up with least effort. Taking up a sport will keep you in perfect shape.


(May 21-July 21)

Some of you are likely to make a mark on the professional front.. Good networking is likely to get you the job you had been eyeing for long. High spirits of a family member will prove contagious, bringing cheer to all. It is important not to put all eggs in one basket on the financial front. A long journey will prove enjoyable in more ways than one, as you find love! For some, a long-term relationship can turn into marriage.


(July 22-July 22)

Chances of getting ticked off for something not delivered on the professional front cannot be ruled out. Changes made by you at workplace may not be appreciated by subordinates. You will need to remain guarded at work. Look interested, as your indifferent attitude can put off lover. A business deal may not turn out as promising as it had seemed. Those thinking of getting their house converted into builder floors should give it a second thought. An estranged family member can keep you mentally tensed.


(July 23-August 23)

Product manufacturers will need to enhance quality of their products to pass muster. Marketing personnel can expect a challenging, but exciting assignment. A fine week for those trying to make some money on the side. Buying new furniture or a major appliance is on the cards for some. Attending a family do with lover in tow is not advisable as of now. Some tiff with a neighbour cannot be ruled out for some. A strenuous job is best avoided by those feeling low.


(August 24-September 23)

Those hoping for a passionate evening with partner will have to take the initiative themselves! You must not show haste on the road as something untoward happening cannot be ruled out. Showroom owners can feel disheartened by decrease in footfalls. A sporting event can find you on the losing side. A get-rich-quick scheme can actually work for some. Your taking out time for the family will be much appreciated. A negative streak in you can lead to depression. Rashness on the road can endanger health.


(September 24-October 23)

Extra workload will be tackled by you in no time on the professional or academic front. Your outstanding performance is likely to bring you to the notice of higher ups. Those working for a social cause can get hard pressed for funds. A property dispute can pit you against a sibling, so start searching for an amicable solution. Those not keeping well should not undertake a journey, as their condition can worsen. Travelling to a fun place with lover in tow is indicated.


(October 24-November 22)

You may find someone supporting you without even being asked on the social front. Bonhomie and camaraderie will be your driving force at work. A financial boon can be expected by some. Splurging on yourself can prove immensely satisfying as you earn well. Giving a helping hand on the domestic front will be highly appreciated. Balanced diet and regular exercise will make most bodily ills disappear. Your suggestion for an exclusive evening out is likely to be lapped up by lover!


(November 23-December 21)

You will manage to shed lethargy to raise the level of your performance on the professional front. Discussing financial matters with experts will prove an enlightening experience. A new product line launched may not show the desired response without adequate publicity. Some of you are likely to misplace an important document, but will ultimately manage to find it. Addiction to junk food may harm health. Your social life remains fertile as you go all out to woo people to join your camp.


(December 22-January 21)

Your success on the professional front is foretold as you manage to handle complicated situations all by yourself. Domestic front will remain tranquil and peaceful, and allow you to rest and recoup. Staying the night out with friends will prove to be lots of fun. You can opt for doing something social to raise cash for a cause. Lover is likely to respect your decision for waiting some more to tie the knot. A home remedy can do more harm than good, so be wary.


(January 22-February 19)

You are simply going to love a trip with someone you get along with well. A change of heart may make you have second thoughts about pursuing a particular professional line. Homemakers will be able to take positive steps in making domestic environment harmonious. Government employees will finally get some positive indications about arrears. A fantastic time is foreseen in the company of lover. Extra efforts may be required by those appearing for a competition. Don’t take any chances with your health over this weekend.


(February 20-March 20)

Your go-getting attitude is likely to make you the favourite of seniors. Earning potential of some professionals is set to increase by implementing untried ideas in their fields. Investing in property is likely to give good returns, especially if you sell it now. You will be able to create a relaxing environment on the home front to unwind. Striking a fine balance in diet and exercise is likely to achieve good health. Your tender approach will bring you closer to lover.