Forecast for 27th Jan17 to 2nd Feb17



You receive care and affection from family members. Financial hassles will be eased out with the help of your friends. Romantic vibrations from someone unknown would lift your spirits taking imaginations to scaling heights. Pleasure trip would help in maintaining sound health towards the last week of the week. A good deal for residential property is ahead. Spiritual vacation is a quest for life, plan it and enjoy it with your family.

Lucky Number- 8

Lucky Colour- Lavender


Timely and swift action would be required at professional front as you are entrusted with additional responsibilities. Your search for a house is towards its final destination. Mid of the week is the good time when misunderstandings at family front are sorted out with ease. A new source of income will generate through influential contacts. Creative hobbies are likely to keep you relaxed.

Lucky Number- 9

Lucky Colour- Purple


Love birds are likely to find the mid of the week especially exciting. Your efforts to put yourself in a strong position at workplace are likely to materialise this week. Control your negative emotions to enjoy a sound health. If you’re planning a vacation, be sure to consider your work does not effect. Spend some relaxed moments with family members later this week. Developing friendly relations will all, deserting ill will against others would benefit you.

Lucky Number- 15

Lucky Colour- Violet


At work you are likely to win appreciation and awards for past efforts. Decent manners and intellectual talk would catch others attention. You are likely to earn monetary profits through most unexpected sources. Sudden romantic encounter will lift your spirits. Those involved in purchase and selling of the assets should first resolve the legal issues then mortgage your property. Health poses absolutely no problems this week.

Lucky Number- 3

Lucky Colour- Maroon


Mortgaging your plot is not right for you at this point, crisis may arise. You may harm personal interests by revealing confidential information to a third person. Investment on overseas property has to be considered seriously. A promising week to revive old contacts. Cooperative nature brings desired results at professional front. To enjoy the richer grandeur of infinite life, make it more sublime by absence of worry, which is the first step in this direction.

Lucky Number- 11

Lucky Colour- Beige


Your performance will put to rest a senior’s apprehension about your professional competence. A business trip will prove immensely successful and bring new opportunities. Speculation and stocks can give good returns. You are likely to be richly rewarded for going out of the way to help someone. A home remedy may prove effective in curing an old ailment. A change will be refreshing.

Lucky Number- 15

Lucky Colour- Light Grey


You are likely find comfort in the arms of romantic partner. It is an auspicious week to start a new venture. Buying property can lead to gains as property prices continue to increase. Do not behave stubborn otherwise it will only offend your colleagues and as a result you may not receive their help in return. Health of the self or a near one may cause some concern during this week.

Lucky Number- 18

Lucky Colour- Chocolate


Those spiritually inclined will find mental solace in religious activities. Important people will be ready to finance anything that has a special class to it. Love companion will be eager to meet you throughout the week. Your deft handling of a case will help defuse an explosive situation. Property dealings would materialize helping in bringing fabulous gains. Some of you may find their dream jobs but materializing the same may take some more time.

Lucky Number- 1

Lucky Colour- Light Red


Success in completing difficult assignments brings a lot of laurels at work. It’s time to get involved into activities that would help in bringing contact with close relatives. Selling a plot might be profitable as property rates tend to rise sooner. Sharing candyfloss and toffees with lover/beloved would bring unlimited joy. Meditation and yoga prove beneficial for spiritual as well as physical gains.

Lucky Number- 18

rong>Lucky Colour- Coffee


Special efforts may be required by some to bring happiness back into their family life. Your style and confidence is likely to win some admirers on the work front. Good networking is likely to net a good deal for some traders. Some of you may have to sharpen your communication skills to make your mark in your field of expertise. Mental tensions will be countered successfully to achieve peace of mind.

Lucky Number- 2

Lucky Colour- Light Grey


You can make your vacation extra special by planning it with your family and friends. You might be purchasing a refrigerator or any other gadget for your house. The desire to do things on your own would pave the way for success. Be careful with whom you deal financially this week. For some, change of job would bring mental satisfaction. You succeed in making new acquaintances provided you participate in social /family function.

Lucky Number- 22

Lucky Colour- Dark Slate Grey


You are likely to spellbind others by wit & repartee. Success is certain provided you work as a team. Buying overseas property will be beneficiary for some. This is a very healthy week as your cheerfulness gives the desired tonic and confidence to you. Love companion’s company fails to bring desired results as you behave high demanding. Parental guidance in your decision would immensely help.

Lucky Number- 15

Lucky Colour- Dark Red