fu-GEN Theatre Company brings immersive performance work to the streets of downtown Markham


FEARLESS is a wildly ambitious and innovative project featuring 20 intimate one-on-one micro-performances created by 20 of Canada’s most celebrated theatre makers.

These private encounters are scattered all around downtown Markham, and they all take place in your car. Alone with you. While you drive.

Toronto, ON – June 29 & 30, 2019 – FEARLESS is an experiment in theatrical spectatorship and its intersection with new technology. By using the FEARLESS app, audiences will get in their cars and track down our performers in downtown Markham to experience this intimate and interactive new performance work. In these one-to-one micro-performances, the driver is the only audience, each performance happens only for them, is never the same twice and is different for every single driver.

In the vein of their experimental multilocation work SEX TAPE PROJECT, fu-GEN uses non-traditional methodologies to create a diversity in theatre practice, providing greater access to audiences unfamiliar with – or just dissatisfied with – traditional theatre performance. As a company, fu-GEN has always been dedicated to representing the Asian Canadian experience and fostering talent within the Asian Canadian artistic community.

With FEARLESS, fu-GEN is using an immersive experience to bring their work to the
broader Asian Community outside of Toronto in a compelling and inventive form.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with how we engage with entertainment, because it’s very personal now that more of it is digital. We have a relationship with our screens that feels curated and safe and private. So the question is, how can we preserve that intimacy while still creating something that’s live and risky and unexpected? Because no two people will have the same experience with FEARLESS, it becomes something truly theatrical and ephemeral, but also highly individual; something very intimately personal that happens once, and never again. -Artistic Director, David Yee FEARLESS brings work created by theatrical powerhouses from across Canada, work that has never been seen before anywhere in the country, to Markham for the very first time. Among them, Governor
General’s Literary Award winners Hiro Kanagawa, Guillermo Verdecchia and David Yee, Siminovitch Award Protégé and Tom Hendry Award winner Christine Quintana, Governor General Award nominees and Dora Award winners Marjorie Chan and Anusree Roy, and Dora Award winner Anita Majumdar.

Also, people who haven’t won fancy awards but are incredibly talented, like Ho Ka Kei (Jeff Ho) (Iphigenia And The Furies (On Taurian Land)), Amy Lee Lavoie (C’mon Angie), Julie Tepperman(Brantwood, Hook Up), Adam Lazarus (Daughter) and Nam Nguyen (A Perfect Bowl of Pho).

FEARLESS June 29 & 30, 2019 | Downtown Markham
Written by: Marie Barlizo, Marjorie Chan, Jeff Ho, Aaron Jan, Hiro Kanagawa, Amy Lee Lavoie, Adam Lazarus, Anita Majumdar, Gloria Mok, Gary Mok, Nam Nguyen, Julie Phan, Christine Quintana, Anusree Roy, Julie Tepperman, Guillermo Verdecchia, Adrienne Wong, David Yee, Norman Yeung Produced by fu-GEN Theatre Company Tickets are $20 general admission To experience FEARLESS, you must be driving a car you are legally insured to operate.

To register and book your time, visit areyoufearless.ca Registration is extremely limited. About fu-GEN Theatre fu-GEN Theatre Company is Toronto’s leading not-for-profit theatre arts organization dedicated to the Asian Canadian lens. We are devoted to providing a home for the Asian Canadian theatre artist, nurturing their voices and producing works of the highest artistic caliber that explore the Asian Canadian experience. For 16 years, we have been carving out space in the Canadian cultural landscape and cultivating platforms to bring these voices to the forefront, creating spaces for our audiences to see their experiences reflected on stage. We are the premiere hub of Asian Canadian theatre artists, and a leader in cultural programming. For more about us, visit fu-GEN.org