Funny Akshay Kumar clip on traffic rules is a hit on social media

New Delhi: Actor Akshay Kumar addresses during the promotions of their upcoming film "Kesari" in New Delhi, on March 18, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

An old Akshay Kumar video, where the superstar takes the mickey out of a traffic violator is once again doing the rounds of social media, in this season about elaborate discussions of traffic laws.

In the Hindi language video, Akshay is seen dressed as a traffic inspector. When a man driving his car into a no-entry street, he stops the vehicle and then goes up with a grin.

“Your father was a great man, I am his fan and I have read all his books,” Akshay tells the man behind the wheels.

Akshay then tells the errant driver that he has also paid homage to his late father. When the man objects, saying his father is alive, Akshay as traffic cop acts confused.

“Oh, isn’t this your baap ka road (owned by your father)?” Akshay asks, feigning surprise, even as the camera pans to the name of the street — Lokmanya Tiolak Road.

Akshay then asks the man if the road isn’t owned by his father, why did he enter a no-entry zone and break the law?

The embarassed man realises his mistake. As he is fined, Akshay gives the message, on the necessity to adhere to traffic rules.