‘Game Of Thrones’ is ending, but will live on in merchandise #GoT

This combination photo shows Peter Dinklage at HBO's "Game of Thrones" final season premiere in New York on April 3, 2019, right, and his character Tyrion Lannister. (Photos by HBO, left, and Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

From wine to clothing to tours, HBO and retailers have cashed in through the years with “Game of Thrones” merchandise. “Thrones” is not only a huge international show but also a massive business, with all sides hoping to pad the bank during the show’s eighth and final season.

Products also include makeup, beer, toy collectibles and even high fashion collaborations.

But while the show is a TV phenomenon, that doesn’t guarantee fans will flock to stores.

Vintage Wine Estates, which makes the official “Game of Thrones” wine, says it gets calls from all over the world from potential customers.

Game of Thrones. (Photo: Twitter/@GameOfThrones)

There are also popular tours of the filming locations in Croatia and Ireland.

According to TripAdvisor’s Andrew Aley, the show has provided a boost to those small, local economies.