Guinness World Records acknowledge Nagaland’s Konyak as the World’s longest traditional dance

Kohima: Konyak tribal women participate to set a Guinness World Record for the 'largest traditional Konyak dance', in Kohima, Friday, April 05, 2019.(PTI Photo)(PTI4_5_2019_000091B)

Kohima:  The Guinness World Records has acknowledged Konyak dance as record holder for the “largest traditional dance”, a tribe official said on Wednesday.

Konyak is one of the 16 Naga ethnic tribes and they are inhabited in Nagaland’s Mon district. It is known for the fierce headhunting history.

“The largest traditional Konyak dance consists of 4,687 participants, and was achieved by the Konyak Union (India) in Mon of Nagaland on April 5, 2019,” noted the Guinness World Records in its letter of approval for the record holder.

The approval for setting the record was received on Tuesday night from the Guinness World Records, Konyak Union president Manlip Konyak stated in a release.

The official attempt to make the record was made during the Konyak Aoleang-cum-Mini Hornbill Festival in Mon town on April 5.

As many as 4,687 women from over 115 villages under the district sang and danced in full Konyak Naga traditional attire for five minutes and two seconds.