Harjit Jaswal Is PC Nominee in Brampton Centre


BRAMPTON: The members of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party in the brand-new riding of Brampton Centre met at the Canadian Convention Centre on Sunday April 22nd to nominate their candidate to run in the upcoming provincial election.

There were two candidates seeking the nomination, Sudeep Verma and Harjit Jaswal.  Harjit Jaswal Won the Nomination.

Both Candidates gave speeches before the start of voting with Harjit Jaswal focusing on his long-standing ties to Brampton and why he was seeking the nomination to be their choice and their voice at Queens Park.

Harjit Jaswal told that he is a small business owner, a commercial real estate broker, who has lived and worked in Brampton for the past 15 years. Harjit is the member of the Brampton rotary club, Brampton Board of Trade and the Indo Canadian Chambers of Commerce. Harjit declared that he knows the importance of a fiscally conservative government and will be a strong voice for an improved business climate, lower hydro rates, lower Auto Insurance rates and lower taxes that will get Ontario working again.     

Harjit Jaswal has a son who is a computer engineer and a daughter who is a medical doctor.He stated, “Many of you have experienced the chronic state of overcrowding in our hospital where many patients are housed in the hallways. Doug Ford and I will work hard to immediately rectify this terrible problem. The time for talk is over and now it is the time for action.”

Harjit Jaswal stated that he knows well, how the years of mismanagement and neglect by the McGuinty and now the Wynne governments have left Brampton behind other GTA communities in health care, public transit, education and infrastructure and that he will be a strong voice in the Doug Ford Government to make sure that Brampton is no longer ignored and underserviced.

Harjit Promised during his speech that no matter what the results of the nomination be, he will work hard and will be part of the Brampton Centre campaign team and requested that everyone present there do the same. In keeping with his promise that the conservatives are all one family,  Harjit invited Sudeep Verma and all of his supporters to join him and his supporters for a party he hosted to unify the party and to merge their teams into one to defeat the Wynne government on June 7th, 2018.

Sudeep Verma and many of his supporters came to the celebration and pledged their support in the upcoming election.