Have Your Say On Gulleden Park Redevelopment


MISSISSAUGA: The City of Mississauga is redeveloping Gulleden Park. City officials are seeking feedback from residents and visitors through an online survey to help them understand what types of amenities and experiences they would like to see at the park.

The deadline to complete the survey is April 19. Gulleden Park is a 5.3 acre (2.14 hectare) park located within the Applewood neighbourhood of Ward 3.

Current park amenities include an unlit softball diamond, two soccer fields and two lit pickleball/tennis courts.

Gulleden Park is adjacent to the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre, which will be renovated beginning this month. The planned renovations include a new additional aquatic and fitness centre.

Online Survey Details What:
A City-run online survey to gather information regarding resident priorities for future amenities and experiences at Gulleden Park.
• Applewood residents/businesses
• Mississauga residents
• Park users
• Community groups
• Stakeholder groups
• Ratepayers groups (Applewood) and

• Individuals who are interested in the Gulleden Park redevelopment
Where: The survey is online at yoursay.mississauga.ca/gulledenpark.
When: Deadline to complete the survey is Monday, April 19, 2021. Feedback from the survey will help inform how the future park is redeveloped.

For more information and opportunities for feedback about the Gulleden Park redevelopment visit yoursay.mississauga.ca/gulledenpark