Healthy ‘Power Snacks’ For Teenagers – Get Them Involved!


(NC) If you’ve got a teen, then you know that hunger can strike often. Having healthy snacks on hand will help them fuel up and give them the energy they need to power through the day, after school and between activities.

Get your teens involved in prepping snacks. This can include everything from cutting up celery, cucumber and carrot sticks to slicing peppers and having snap peas washed and ready to go. On the fruit front, apples, pears, grapes and bananas are good portable options.

Snacks that contain protein for extra staying power include lower-fat yogurt and berries, fruit and nuts, and hard-boiled eggs. Other power snack combinations include cheese lower in fat and sodium, whole-grain crackers with cherry tomatoes, or whole-grain cereal with fruit and milk or unsweetened fortified soy beverage. 

Bake homemade muffins and granola bars with your teen. Or try making trail mix with whole-grain cereal, pumpkin seeds and roasted chickpeas. Even air-popped plain popcorn is a crunchy, whole-grain choice. Encourage water as their drink of choice and don’t forget the reusable water bottle.

Remind your teens to eat snacks mindfully and without distractions, like their phones, TV or computers. Encourage them to be in tune with their hunger and satiety signals by asking themselves if they are truly hungry, or feeling bored, tired or stressed.

With a little planning and prep, your teen can be a healthy snacker as they go from one activity to the next. 

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