Hotstar Presents The Anokhi Awards 2017


‘Hotstar Presents The ANOKHI Awards 2017’ rolled out the red carpet to welcome some of the world’s most renowned names in the areas of business, media, entertainment, crusader, and glamour, at Toronto’s historic Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, on Tuesday November 28th.

The evening began with a sizzling red carpet reception with over 30 celebrities and personalities walking down a 36 foot red carpet, which included ANOKHI Pulse Tv’s famous gold couch lounge against the backdrop of music by DJ Fizza. This was followed by a 2.5-hour auditorium style awards-fashion-entertain ment show with 18 awards honours, 4 live musical performances, and a first of its kind fashion runway show, and hosted by 6 prominent personalities in media and entertainment.

Master of ceremonies, actor, comedian, and CBC radio host, Ali Hassan opened the show with a comedic monologue followed by Anokhi Media’s CEO and brand ambassador’s opening remarks that highlighted this year as the awards show’s 10th year that saw a record breaking nominations for Canadian South Asians. Raj spoke about the importance of the awards show, The ANOKHI List 2017 coffee table book, the vision behind the brand and the importance of recognizing and celebrating community achievements. She also thanked the event’s presenting sponsor Hotstar, followed by name mentions of the various sponsors and partners that helped make the event a great success.

[free-them]’s founder and CEO Shae Invidiata spoke on the initiative’s dedication to raising awareness and funds to abolish human trafficking in Canada and abroad by partnering with people, organizations, & businesses to fight human trafficking.

The night ended with an exclusive post show soiree with DJ Amita Handa entertaining the guests until midnight. For those who were unable to attend due to the event being sold out, snippets of it was streamed live on ANOKHI MEDIA’s Facebook page, which can be see here:

The event unveiled the 3rd edition commemorative coffee table book, The ANOKHI List 2017, featuring an eclectic array of 30 personalities from around the world. Over 600 guests attended the glamorous event and were all gifted a complimentary copy of the book as they left for the night.

The 18 awards presented honoured the following who were inducted into the global ANOKHI honourees fraternity:

Presented By Hotstar, Media Awards: Hosted By Angie Seth, News Anchor, Global TV

– Babbu The Painter: Most Promising Artist 2017

– Hatecopy: Media Influencer Of The Year 2017

– Jake Dheer: Excellence In Broadcast Media 2017

Presented By Hotstar, Crusader Awards: Hosted By Hina P. Ansari, Editor-in-Chief, The ANOKHI List 2017- Niam Kumar Jain: Most Promising Autism Crusader 2017

– Arshad Khan: LGBTQI Crusader Of The Year 2017

Presented By Hotstar, Entertainment Awards: Hosted By Mohit Rajhans, Principal & Creative Director, Think Start Inc.

– YouTwoTV: Comedic Performers Of The Year 2017

– Asad Mecci: Performer Of The Year 2017

Presented By Hotstar, Business Awards: Hosted By Jake Dheer, Senior Manager, Omni TV

– Reetu Gupta: Business Executive Of The Year 2017

– Naveen Prasad: Excellence in Film Entrepreneurship 2017

– Monika Deol: Excellence In Brand Entrepreneurship 2017

– Robin Sharma: Excellence In Wealth Entrepreneurship 2017

Glamour Awards: Hosted By Travis Dhanraj, Anchor-Reporter, CP24 &Co-host, CP24 BREAKFAST WEEKEND

– Saman Munir: Beauty Influencer Of The Year 2017

– Nindy Kaur: Excellent In Style Innovation 2017

– Ali Xeeshan: Excellence In Fashion Design 2017

Music Awards: Hosted By Devo Brown, Host & Personality, City TV

– Mili Soch: Most Promising Musical Artist 2017

– Roveena: Female Musical Artist Of The Year 2017

– Deep Jandu: Male Musical Artist Of The Year 2017

– Raxstar: Excellence In Music Performance 2017

The 4 live musical performances were are eclectic as the genres of music showcased:

Performances By:

– Mili Soch, Desi Hip-Hop Artist

– Roveena, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter

– Raxstar, Award-Winning Rap Artist

– Deep Jandu, Popular Bhangra Singer

First-time Canadian showcase of Pakistan’s number one bridal and celebrity fashion designer:

– Ali Xeeshan, Celebrity & Bridal Fashion Designer

Anokhi Media’s personalities also participated in the evening:

– Opening remarks by Raj Girn, Founder, President & CEO, ANOKHI MEDIA

– Ruchika Bindra, ANOKHI Pulse Tv Lounge Host

– Vasudha Sharma, ANOKHI Spotlight Tv Host

– Kartikey Bhargava, ANOKHI MEDIA Facebook Live Host

Soiree performances by:

– DJ Fizza, Celebrity Deejay

– DJ Amita, Celebrity Deejay

Hotstar Presents The Anokhi Awards 2017