How To Safely Make Your Home Office Permanent

If your space allows, consider a closed room for privacy. Pic: NewsCanada.

(NC) As businesses continue to develop and implement new hybrid work policies, we know that working from home is here to stay for many employees.

Whether a few days a week or full time, many people have found their groove working remotely over the past 18 months.

So with flexibility having a more prominent position in our working lives, what at-home fixes and safety tips can we adopt?

Setting the scene At the beginning of the pandemic, lots of us resorted to kitchen tables or makeshift desks for our at-home workspaces. Now that employers are introducing permanent hybrid work models, it’s time to set up a stable home office if you haven’t already.

If your space allows, consider a closed room for privacy and away from any distractions. Establish a desk and computer setup that you’re comfortable with and won’t need to rearrange.

Sufficient electrical outlets are a must When choosing a spot for your home office, make sure you have access to multiple electrical outlets — two to three should do. You will probably need outlets for several things, including your laptop, monitor, phone charger and lamp.

If you can, avoid using extension cords, especially for long periods of time. Under no circumstance should you plug your fan or space heater into an extension cord or power strip.

The potential to overload the outlet and cause a fire isn’t worth the risk. If your new permanent workspace doesn’t have any outlets close by, you can hire a licensed electrical contracting (LEC) business for safe installation of additional outlets.

Verify their ECRA/ LEC licence number to ensure the business is authorized to do electrical work and ensure a notification of work is filed with the Electrical Safety Authority. Proper lighting for optimal working conditions Good lighting can make all the difference to your home office.

If you plan to fully renovate your workspace, ensure new lights aren’t positioned behind you when seated so your face stays visible on video calls. Always check and use the correct wattage for lights and lamps, as they can otherwise overheat and cause a fire.

A LEC business can help with safe light installation too. With the right resources and expert help, setting up a safe, permanent workspace in your home will be a breeze. Find more electrical safety tips at safety.

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