How to Use Bath Salts From Body Scrubs to Foot Care


Bath salts aren’t just another indulgent addition to your bathroom, but they come with a host of benefits as well. These benefits not only enrich your bathing experience but your skin as well, provided you know how to use these bath salts and extract maximum benefits out of it. Bath salts can also bring of several health related benefits like treating muscle soreness, or treating itchiness and insomnia. Nutrients like calcium, bromide, magnesium, potassium present in these salts help radiate your skin, and also eliminate all impurities in your skin. But, if you have sensitive skin then you may want to stay away from processed bath salts that may end up giving you allergic reactions. Go for natural bath salts containing essential minerals and nutrients which can do wonders for your skin. These scented salts need not always be purchased from luxury stores and can, in fact, be made at home as well.

However, to reap the benefits from these salts, it is important to know how to use them. Here’s a list of all the different ways in which you can use bath salts.

Make your own makeshift salt bag or pouch.

A cheesecloth or any porous or loosely woven cotton material you have on hand would work best for your own salt pouch. Take about a 7 inch square of the cloth and pour a few tablespoons of bath salt in the centre of the cloth, draw the corners of the cloth together and make it into a bag by tying a piece of string around it to seal the salt. Now fill your bathtub with warm water, and drop and swirl the bag of salt into the water to dissolve the salt into your bath water. This way would ensure a better distribution of salt in the water. After your fresh bath experience rinse the bag out and dry it.Can’t manage to get hold of a salt bag?

Don’t worry. Here’s a simple way to reap the benefits and indulge in a relaxing bathing experience without a salt pouch. Fill your bathtub halfway and just pour a few tablespoons of salts into the water. The bath salts tend to dissolve quickly with warm water, the warmer the water, the quicker the process. So you might have to pour a handful of salts in the water before you start to bathe. To mix the fragrance of salts with the steam hold some salt in your hand under the faucet and let the salts fall into the water, this is essential to leave the calming effect on your nerves and mind that you are looking for in your bath

Bath salts for other purposes:

They might be called as bath salts in the market, but these salts can be used for other skin and beauty purposes too.

1. Exfoliation: Make a paste with some fine grain salts and water and apply it on your skin for an energised experience.

2. Natural scrub: Bath salt pastes can also work as amazing natural scrubs. By adding ¼ cup of essential oil to your bath salts you can have your very own spa treatment at home.

3. Foot bath: Bath salts can also be used for a quick yet refreshing round of footbath. Add Epsom salt in half a cup of water and use it to wash your feet, your feet will start smelling fresh and would also protect your toenail from fungus.

Here’s a word of caution:

Though a warm compress of Epsom salt and water is said to do wonders for a bruise. Direct exposure to open sores on your skin might turn risky for your skin.

Finally, if you are new to the world of bath salts do a quick ‘test’ by dipping your feet in the bath-salt water for a little while to be sure this isn’t something you are allergic to. Stop using the salts if you are prone to allergies.