Humble plegdes support to Australia fire relief with game bundle

Australia's bushfires are so intense that satellites thousands of miles above Earth can easily spot their flames and smoke from space.Actor Arjun Rampal on Monday took to Instagram to express his concern over the bushfires in Australia.

Digital storefront for video games Humble Bundle has become the latest company to pledge support to Australia as the catastrophic bushfires in the country have decimated its wildlife, killing 28 people so far.

A limited edition Humble Bundle, called the Australia Fire Relief Bundle, has been announced on this front. In all there are 29 games in the bundle, with a total value of more than $400.

The collection of 29 PC games is available for a minimum donation of $25, with all proceeds going towards organisations dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Australian wildlife, reported on Friday.

The excellent Hollow Knight headlines the collection. Other highlights in the bundle include Void Bastards, The Stillness of the Wind and Machinarium.

Each of the titles has some connection to the country. Hollow Knight, for instance, was developed by Team Cherry, a three-person studio based out of Adelaide, South Australia. Paperbark, meanwhile, stars a cute wombat who makes their home in the country’s iconic outback, according to Engadget.