ICC’s ‘Tax Letter’ casts serious doubts on functioning: BCCI official


New Delhi  Tax exemption for ICC events in India has been an issue between the international body and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) over the years. And things have taken an ugly turn with the international body now asking for proof that the Indian board has indeed tried to work on the matter with the government.

Speaking to IANS, a BCCI official in the know of developments said that it is sad that at a time when the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, such emails have come in and there is an attempt to put the Indian board under pressure.

“I fail to understand how this is happening at this time when everyone is coming to grips with the pandemic. This is a complete and total failure of the ICC leadership and is a clear indication that change is imminent. It is time for Shashank Manohar to go and BCCI must not support anyone that is backed by him,” the official said.

The BCCI was needed to throw light on the tax exemption issue 18 months before the 2021 World T20 which meant the deadline was April. But the world has been under lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak and the Indian board had asked for an extension till June 30 or one month post lockdown opens.

But as per the ICC, the ICC Business Corporation (IBC) is not agreeing to an extension. Now the IBC consists of directors from member boards of ICC and as per reports, some of them are not even aware of this and the BCCI official said that if this is the case, Chairman Shashank Manohar must take responsibility.

“If it is indeed true that a few directors are not even aware of this communication then it is a very serious matter and is evidence of malfeasance at the ICC/IBC Board level and the Chairman must take responsibility,” he said.

Another official said the whole turn of events was surprising to say the least, especially how the ICC said that the IBC refused to agree to an extension.

“Interestingly, their lawyer Jonathan Hall has written that the IBC has rejected BCCI’s request. Now the question is how did this happen without the actual board seeing it and voting for/against it?” he enquired.

“I will be really shocked if Sourav Ganguly does not give a befitting reply on the floor of the meeting and does not call out the sham that is being played out. How he reacts to this will define what kind of a BCCI President he will be known as.”