IIMA Has A Great Offering For Students Of Indian Origin


TORONTO: Anurag Choudhury is an academician who is passionate about community outreach.

As head of the Alumni and External Partneships department at the famed Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Choudhury is proud of the fact that IIMA is one of  the premier institutions in the world in the field of higher management studies.

Choudhury was in Toronto as a member of a panel that coordinated the Higher Education Forum of the Canada India Foundation last week.

He spoke about the achievements of the IIMA, highlighting one of its main projects – the Supernumerary Quota for foreign students. Ten per cent of the seats are reserved for foreign students and the fees charged are the same as those paid by Indian students. “This is unlike Canada, where international students have to pay three times the fees paid by citizens.”

“We think this quota will be a great boon for students of Indian origin in Canada and elsewhere to get a world-class education in higher managment at the IIMA.”

He pointed out that IIMA is also known for its Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship – a great hub for startups. “Already, we do about a dozen start-ups a year and applications pour in from brilliant young Indians who are passing out from IITs and other professional institutions.”

Cutting edge and enriched courses are offered at the IIMA, primarily because the faculty is deeply involved with industry around the world. This helps the students who get the benefit of what the best the world has to offer. “Its a beautiful, virtous circle,” Choudhury said.

“We also understand that the best technology need not be the most successful one…entrepreneurs will have to look at the revenue model, market segmentation and other factors before any venture can become a success.” Anurag Choudhury was born in Cuttack, Orrisa and studied at IIMA. He was later in the United States for eight years – where he completed two Masters Degrees – International Trade and Investment Policy and International Business from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

He then worked with various bodies in Virginia, Michigan, Illinois and Washington before deciding to return to India “to give back to the community.”

He worked on Central Government projects, in association with the Orissa Government for several years and then with industry  before joining the IIMA as part of its faculty.

He also began an NGO – the Vikas Educartional Charity Trust -which helps students clear public servicee examinations. He is still a trustee of the NGO. – Bala Menon