Indian mithais you can bake! by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

It's a privilege to cook for Narendra Modi: Sanjeev Kapoor


No matter how many mousse, pastries or cakes you eat to satisfy your sweet tooth, nothing can take away the flavour and comfort of a traditional Indian mithai. While the methods to make Indian mithais are as varied as the types of mithais itself, baking isn’t something that really comes to the mind while making Indian mithais. We’ve curated a list of Indian mithais you can put a spin on and bake instead of deep frying or setting in the refrigerator. Take a look.

Baked Coconut Rice Pudding

This recipe amalgamates two brilliant ingredients with vibrant textures into one blissful combination. Cooked with sweet coconut milk, and infused with the contrasting flavour of star anise, this new take on the classic Coconut Rice Pudding is something worth trying out.

Baked Amarkhand

For people who don’t know, Amarkhand is simply a mango-flavoured shrikhand. It usually uses hung yoghurt, sugar, elaichi with a generous dose of mango puree as well as fresh cream. While traditionally the mixture isn’t cooked, this new method of baking adds some interesting elements to the mix.

Baked Gulab Jamuns

When you think of Indian mithais the heavenly Gulab Jamun would definitely be on the list. These golden brown deep fried dough balls are a crowd favourite, always. However this time instead of simply dunking them in the sugar syrup, the Gulab Jamuns are baked with a custard batter that complements its rich sweet taste while adding a unique rabri-like texture.