It’s Dandelion Season! Here Are Some Tips To Take Care Of Your Yard

Dandelion is a perennial weed that homeowners hate. Pic: City of Brampton

It’s dandelion season in #Brampton! This perennial weed grows rapidly at this time of year, and there are natural ways you can get rid of it.

We suggest mowing at 3”, mulching trees and shrubs, pulling by hand and regular turf maintenance.

City of Brampton residents are required to maintain their property in a clean and tidy state, free from unsightly and hazardous conditions, contributing to the safety and appearance of the property and surrounding neighbourhood.


Vehicles are not permitted to park on a landscaped portion of the property. Additionally, residents are not permitted to store vehicles on their property if they are in an unlicensed or inoperable condition. A vehicle may be considered unlicensed if it does not have a valid licence plate, or if it simply has an expired validation sticker. A vehicle may be considered inoperable if it has missing parts, flat tires, mechanical issues or excessive damage.

Yard Requirements Residents are required to keep their property free from hazardous objects or materials, domestic animal excrement, rubbish or other debris, holes, ruts/excavations and anything that may attract/harbour rodents or insects (i.e. stagnant water).

Water must be drained from the property in a manner that prevents ponding, entering the basement, or directing onto neighbouring properties. Grass and weeds should be cut regularly (with clippings removed), in order to ensure that they do not exceed a maximum of 20 centimetres (8”) in height.

Dead, decayed or damaged trees should be removed, while all other trees (including hedges) should be maintained to avoid overgrowth and any subsequent affect on safety/visibility.

Safe Passage Steps, walkways and driveways are required to be maintained in a state that allows a person to pass safely during normal use and varying weather conditions.

Storage Residents are permitted to store firewood, building materials and garden equipment as long as it is stored neatly in a side or rear yard, and only where it is not visible from the street. Any outside storage should be maintained in a manner that prevents an unsafe or unsightly condition out of character with the surrounding environment.

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