Jude Law thrilled to enter Marvel Cinematic Universe


Actor Jude Law says joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is like getting an invitation to a “good party”.

Law has joined MCU with “Captain Marvel”. He will be seen as the commander of Starforce, and a mentor to Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, essayed by Brie Larson.

“It was just a thrill. It’s like being invited to a party as you have heard about who has been at the party for the last few years, and you know and admire some of those people,” Law said in a statement to IANS.

“And it sounds like a good party. Then you suddenly realise that you haven’t had an invitation yet. So, to get an invitation is a good feeling. I’d been a fan, so being able to step into and live out the things that I admire and love is a thrill,” he added.

The actor says the studio likes to do things “just slightly differently”.

“So the creation of this piece in its own right has been fascinating to watch and really fun to learn about. It’s quite unique.”

Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” will also introduce the MCU’s first stand-alone, female-franchise title character.

What kind of a ride can audiences expect?

According to Law, the movie will be a standalone where people can enjoy it even if they haven’t seen all the others.

He added: “What will be interesting is that they will be able to see this one and watch them almost chronologically because we are starting at the beginning. There are all these little gags that tie through to stories that you have seen before, which I think will be amusing and satisfying.”

Set in the 1990s, “Captain Marvel” follows Danvers’ journey as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes. Based on the comic book series, first published in 1967, “Captain Marvel” also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn with Annette Benin and Jude Law.

It will release in India on March 8 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.