Kashmir Admin tracing those hiding overseas travel history

Baramulla: Passengers being screened for COVID-19 at Baramulla railway station amid coronavirus pandemic, in Jammu and Kashmir's Baramulla on March 18, 2020. (Photo: IANS)

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir administration has decided to trace all those Kashmiris hiding travel histories to overseas and have returned home.

The DC Srinagar Shahid Choudhary in a series of tweets has given details about some Kashmiris returning from foreign countries and are hiding travel histories for escaping the mandatory quarantine in the wake of coronavirus threat.

“Four passengers just reached from Mauritius, Dubai and Kazakhstan have declined to declare travel history. Done quickly by IT team. My ‘WHO Guidelines wala Friends’ can u pl send a ‘Recorded Sermon’ to help convince such people? Please? I beg. Ignore the Thick Skin and help”, he said.

“A girl coming from the United States posed as student returning from Bangladesh. A “thick skinned babu” (as we are called) insisted on passport while allotting room, got to know. USA 3rd highest COVID cases in the world. I need to attend another lecture on WHO guidelines now!!,” he said in another tweet.

“A gentleman coming from Italy reaches New Delhi via another port. Takes train to Jammu and cab to home in Srinagar. Just to hide travel history. Traced. Need collective focus to handle it. Things are not that simple as they appear from homes & office rooms. WHO guidelines anyone?, ” Choudhary said in one of the tweets.

“Two brothers, same medical college in Bangladesh — one travels by air, declares travel history, lands in quarantine. Other takes road goes home, probably enjoyed Wazwan. Smart neighbour informs Control Room. Team got in touch. Symptomatic. WHO guidelines lecture please?”, one of the tweets read.

Speaking about the crisis in the wake of coronairus he appealed to people in Kashmir to set aside egos.

“Trust me if I share a summary of daily events none in Kashmir will sleep. Let’s keep our egos aside, work collectively and instead of raising panic and alarm help each other to improve. This is 3rd World War. Nothing less. If it passes we will have a Lifetime for all that. Good day,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the Srinagar administration has requisitioned 65 well-equipped hotels and government accommodations to be used as quarantine facilities for citizens arriving back in Srinagar from outside countries and those who might have come in contact with a COVID-19 positive case in the district.

The hotels requisitioned for the purpose are all 3-stars certified with all facilities to ensure comfortable quarantine. The government accommodations acquired are also all well-equipped.

The citizens adding up to 1,166 persons who arrived back in Srinagar from abroad during the last three days have been shifted to 20 of these quarantine facilities.

Overall 685 persons out of the total people having arrived back in Srinagar so far returned to a quarantine facility on Sunday. The remaining 481 persons had returned during the previous two days and had been shifted to quarantine facilities soon after their return.

Following standard operating procedures, all these persons who mainly include students arriving back mostly from Bangladesh were isolated soon upon their arrival and then shifted to these well-equipped quarantine facilities located at different places.


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