‘Khaab’ fame singer Akhil launches an ode to love

'Khaab' fame singer Akhil launches an ode to love.

Khaab fame singer Akhil says his latest track, Dooja pyaar, is an ode to love.

The song revolves around the sentiment of first love, and loving again after being hurt. It is penned by Raj Fatehpur and has music by SunnyVik. The song features Akhil and actress Sanjna Singh.

“I am thrilled to offer ‘Dooja pyaar’ to music lovers. It makes me very happy to have listeners who connect with my style of music and the themes that are depicted in them,” Akhil said.

“This new song is a celebration of love. I want to convey to people that braving through hurt for love is worth it through ‘Dooja pyaar’,” he added.

Lyricist Raj Fatehpur shared: “The lyrics of the song came to me very naturally. The experience of writing this song was amazing, but I didn’t know how it is going to sound towards completion. It is amazing how Dooja Pyaar has shaped up. I am very excited now that it’s out now.”


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