Laffite -All-Terrain Supercar Now Available

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The Rolling Chassis Delivers Immense Power & Has Luxurious Appeal; Prices Start At US$465,000

LOS ANGELES:  The First All-Terrain street-legal Supercar that delivers immense power, exceptional performance and a luxurious appeal, all in one package is now available for ordering.

With up to 700 horsepower, and weighing just 2,866 pounds/1,300 kilograms, drivers get the power-to-weight ratio of a supercar (4.09 Lbs/hp) and the best-ever performances for an All-Terrain ready to hit the road.

Photography on canvas / Giclee print

Based in Los Angeles, Miami and Valencia (Spain), Laffite Supercars is a company owned by Bruno and Laetitia Laffite, specializing in automotive design and in the creation of concept car / road-ready limited series.

G-TEC, directed by renowned racing engineer Philippe Gautheron, has created and engineered the rolling chassis.

Team Virage Group specialized in high-level motorsport has tested and fine tuned it for several years. They are also in charge of The Laffite Supercars Performance center in Spain.

Photography on canvas / Giclee print

The final car assembly is in Los Angeles and the car is registered for the road in California, ideally located for international distribution. Worldwide Laffite’s customers can begin ordering for a limited edition of only 30 X-Road. Deliveries will start at the end of 2020. Retail starting prices will be $465,000, with numerous options available such as a full Electric version starting at $545,000.

Laffite Supercars also works on confidential projects, for prestigious customers wishing to acquire a unique and exceptional road-ready Supercar.

About the Laffite’s: Bruno Laffite is the nephew of legendary 6 times winner Formula One racing driver, Jacques Laffite, and competed for more than 15 years in numerous racing events in the ‘90s.

Laetitia Laffite has driven and tested many sports cars, has worked 15 years in the art industry, also as an exclusive art dealer in the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club.

The Laffite’s are finalizing a second new Supercar concept that should be revealed early February 2020. – CNW


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