Langar service in full swing at Tikri Border


Community kitchen service or ‘Langar’ is in full swing at the Delhi-Haryana border.

Bhupender Singh Hooda, in-charge of the NGO ‘Zamindara Chatra Sabha’ and a resident of Rohtak, told IANS, “From the very first day, we are with the farmers.”

He added that initially for two days, they provided the farmers with milk and bananas before initiating the community kitchen service.

Indarjeet Barak, national in-charge of the NGO’s IT cell, told IANS that it is their duty to serve the farmers.

Barak further added that as far as collecting wheat and vegetables were concerned, the neighbouring villages in Haryana are helping them.

Barak also spoke about the financial difficulties faced by the them while organising the community kitchen service. On an average, organising the Langar service costs about Rs 25,000 to 30,000 per day. However, the costs have failed to deter them from continuing with the community kitchen service.