Last Chance to Meet ROM’s Newly Discovered Dinosaur Zuul


The Royal Ontario Museum’s (ROM) orginal exhibition Zuul: Life of an Armoured Dinosaurpresenting sponsor Sinking Ship Entertainment, wraps up on Monday, May 20, 2019. Time is running out for visitors to travel back 76 million years on a journey into the Late Cretaceous world of Zuul – the world-renowned, newly named ankylosaur from the ROM.

Visitors of all ages have been in awe of the massive and remarkably preserved fossils of Zuul since December 15, 2018, when it went on public display for the very first time. Through cutting-edge animations, engaging video games and digital interactives, Zuul: Life of an Armoured Dinosaur explores how this mighty dinosaur, bristling with armour and a menacing tail club, lived.

Touchscreens let visitors rotate 3D views of Zuul’s original fossil pieces, while life-size touchable bronze models of Zuul’s skull, armour, skin, and tail club allow visitors to feel what it would have been like to touchthe living dinosaur. 

Presenting Sponsor Sinking Ship Entertainment worked with the ROM’s exhibition team to help bring the experience to life for visitors through a series of cutting-edge games and activations. With ground-breaking CGI technology, visitors experience a faceoff between the plant-eating Zuul and its main predator,Gorgosaurus, a close cousin of T.rexVisitors also experience what it would be like to be an ankylosaur with an arcade-style fighting game that sees Zuul using its tail club and armour to duel various opponents, as well as a Kinect-technology carnival-like game where participants can take a swing at Zuul’s wicked tail club.

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About the ROM

Founded in 1914, the Royal Ontario Museum showcases art, culture, and nature from around the world and across the ages. Among the top 10 cultural institutions in North America, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive museum is home to a world-class collection of 13 million artworks, cultural objects, and natural history specimens, featured in 40 gallery and exhibition spaces. As the country’s preeminent field research institute and an international leader in new discoveries, the ROM plays a vital role in advancing our understanding of the artistic, cultural, and natural world. Combining its original heritage architecture with the contemporary Daniel Libeskind-designed Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, the ROM serves as a national landmark, and a dynamic cultural destination in the heart of Toronto for all to enjoy.  

About Sinking Ship Entertainment

Sinking Ship Entertainment is a multiple Emmy® Award winning production, distribution and interactive company specializing in kids’ live action and CGI blended content. Since its launch in 2004, the company has rapidly earned a reputation for high quality, ground breaking original series and companion interactive experiences. Overall the company has won 13 Daytime Emmy® Awards and a variety of other international awards including Canadian Screen Awards, Youth Media Alliance Awards, Fan Chile Awards, Parents Choice Awards, the Shaw Rocket Prize, and the Prix Jeunesse International. The Toronto-based company will be providing CGI animation for Zuul: Life of an Armoured Dinosaur, as well as creating an interactive game for visitors. In early 2020 Sinking Ship Entertainment will be releasing the feature film DINO DANA: THE MOVIE, which was both filmed at the ROM and includes Zuul as part of the film’s epic dinosaur adventure storyline. The film will see an international museum theatre release launch in mid-2020 after its initial theatrical window.

Zuul: Life of an Armoured Dinosaur, presenting sponsor Sinking Ship Entertainment
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