Li Jun Li on ‘Wu Assassins’ and love for Lucy Liu


Lil Jun Li says her Netflix series “Wu Assassins” finally gave her to chance to play a character like herself, and reveals the lack of acting jobs for Asian-Americans in Hollywood almost made her quit the business and go back to school.

Li says: “Wu Assassins is a martial arts and super natural crime story, crime drama. It takes place in modern day San Francisco China Town. And it follows a young chef played by Iko Uwais, so we follow his journey as he follows a Wu Assassin from just being a chef.

“And most of the characters are Asian-American and all live in San Francisco, and for the first time, I could play someone who’s very much like me—a woman who’s American-Chinese and balances life in a western world while staying truthful to her traditions and culture.”

(The Associated Press)