Liberals Talk Of Basic Income & Pharmacare

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at the virtual Liberal Convention where 26 policy resolutions were passed

OTTAWA: More than 10,000 grassroots Liberals took part in the Liberal Party of Canada’s Open Policy Process for 2021 National Liberal Convention.

The Liberal Party said “Hearing ideas from Canadians is what keeps our Liberal movement strong, growing, and innovative – and this is an especially important moment to shape our future for the better.”

The Open Policy Process was building on the hundreds of thousands of conversations that contributed to the platform that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team presented to Canadians in the 2019 election, a party statement said.

These are the 26 Policy Resolutions passed and prioritized by Registered Liberals at the 2021 Liberal National Convention.

They appear in the order of priority.
26 Policy Resolutions
1.National Pharmacare For All
2. A Universal Basic Income
For Canada
3. Long Term Care
4. High-Speed Rail: An Affordable And Efficient New Means Of
5.A Canadian Basic Income – Rethinking Canadas’ Tomorrow
6. End Systemic Racism In Canada’s Policing, Justice & Correctional Systems
7. Canada’s Green New Deal
8. Advancing Gender-Based Violence
Prevention At Postsecondary Institutions
9. A Green Economic Recovery
10.Post-Pandemic Economy
11.Canada As An Agricultural And Agri-Food Superpower
12.Improving Internet Infrastructure
13.More Money In The Pockets Of Seniors
14. Affordable Rental Housing For Vulnerable Seniors
15.“No Worker Left Behind” In Transition To A Low Carbon Economy
16. Stronger Provisions To Protect Employee Pensions In Company Bankruptcies
17. Calls To Justice For Mmiwg2t
(Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, And Two Spirit People)
18. Protection Of Pensions
19. Guaranteed Income For Families Affected By Disability
20. National Integrated Policy On Homelessness
21. Ensuring Canadian Food Security
22. Prairie Water Strategy
23. Health Care System Investment In
Rural Areas
24. Water Resolution
25. Emergency Telecom And Internet
26. Northwest Territories Resource Revenue Sharing
Trudeau told delegates: Thank you to all Canadians who joined us for the Liberal National Convention! Together, we’ll keep working to deliver support for Canadians and keep Canada moving forward.


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