‘Life I Refuse To Give Up’ Tells Readers To Stay Focused To Succeed In Life


Life I Refuse To Give Up, By Sunny Joshi,, White Falcon Publishing, India.

What do you write about a book that drips with goodness,  that tells you that you will succeed in your life  if you can say “Yes, I Can” and you have  the inner strength to believe in oneself?

This is what journalist/broadcaster and multi-faceted media personality of Toronto Sunny Joshi eloquently exhorts his readers to follow: Belief is the passion with which a fighter lives. …

He has picked up examples from his own life, showing how he turned it around despite a string of failures. He came to the US with just $500 in his pocket and ‘today, after all my gains and losses , I am way ahead of where I started.”

He ran a sandwich shop, owned a pizza outlet, worked in several places before getting up and surging ahead in life.

Sunny Joshi began writing in 1992 and he used this writing tool to ‘overcome negativity’ in his life.

The book is dotted with truisms, at least five to six on a page.

Some of them are listed below:

God definitely helps those who help themselves.

Life is like taking sand in our palms….

Life keeps teaching us unknown  theories

We all have shelf lives and someday it is going to expire.

The biggest folly we make in life is not understanding the true essence of time at a given moment.

The need to succeed should be more than our fear of failure.

Winners think big, perform every day, deliver results and set higher goals…

Joshi make s a great point when he references time in relation to our age. He rightly points out that we need to appreciate the concept of time better, ‘The biggest folly we make in life is not understanding the true essence of time in a given movement. “

However, for those who regret not grabbing the opportunities that came their way, he advises that it is not too late.. He quotes a Chinese proverb : “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

He has cited examples of athletes, film stars and other high achievers who followed their passions with a single-mindedness bordering on obsession.

There is a good flow to the writing, the ideas are well arranged and presented and the  reader will certainly find themselves nodding along with some of Joshi’s assertions.

The book cannot be called inspirational in the literary meaning of the word, but it surely reinforces our innermost ideas of how our lives should be lived –  simple, honest and with a good work and moral ethic.

Sunny admits as such. He writes:  “The point is that what I have written  and shared is probably no rocket sicence. You pretty much know a lot of it by now, but this book is designed to help you replenish those forgotten secrets,”

And again, if we do not succeed or realize our dreams, it is only because “we refuse to let the Superman inside us to fly high….” Also, do not forget that ‘winners are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.’

Good job, Sunny!

• By Bala Menon