Lilly Singh doesn’t shy away from the significance of her new show


New NBC late night host Lilly Singh, only the second woman of color to host a nightly show on a major network, is acutely aware of her place in history.

The  “A Little Late with Lilly Singh,” host speaks on how her show will differ from other late night shows: “I look a little different from the other late night hosts, so I think by nature, I have a perspective that is innately different. I also think it’s not just my point of view that’s different, I have a writers room that’s very inclusive and I’m super proud of, so all of my writers have really unique points of views.

“You know, it’s over 50 percent female, over 50 percent people of color. And so what I walk into that writing room and I talk about my experiences, they then meet me with their own experiences and you get this beautiful melting pot of just life that goes into my show.

“And I think that’s really special because that’s what storytelling should be. It should be representative of the real world. – Associated Press