Mango Chia Pudding


With the mango season now on, try making a pudding using this delightful fruit.


Chia seeds 1

Soy milk 2 ½ cup

Melon seeds ½ cup

Pistachio 1 cup

Peeled mango 1

Mango seed 1

Coffee powder ¼ tsp

Dark chocolate 200 gm

Dry ice cubes 1 cup

Fresh mint leaves For garnish


Take chia seeds cooked in soy milk. In a hot pan, add melon seeds, 1 cup pistachio, lightly roast the mixture.

In the same pan, add soy milk. Then peel a mango, add the mango kernel in the pan and dice the remaining mango. Add coffee powder in pudding and cook on low flame.

For presentation:

Add Mango cubes in serving glass and pour the chia seed mixture on it. Grate dark chocolate and transfer in the pan and grate some extra chocolate to use it as topping.

Let the pudding mixture cool for some time after it is cooked. Keep dry ice cubes ready.

Now take out the pudding mixture in a bowl and add ½ cup dry ice and whisk well. Pour the pudding mixture in the glass and add a layer of grated dark chocolate. Add fresh mint leaves. Add another layer of grated dark chocolate and pudding mixture.

Garnish with grated dark chocolate, mango slices and mint leaves.

Mango Chia Pudding is ready to serve.