Master P says ‘I Got the Hook-Up 2’ will change filmmaking


Percy ‘Master P’ Miller, Recording Artist/Entrepreneur and Romeo Miller, Actor/TV Personality talks about why self-financing their new film, ‘I Got the Hook Up 2’ is so important to them

Master P: “To be able to do this with UMC, I mean, it’s important. It’s important to bring Genius Minds Films, which is our company, to make sure that the world understands that we can own theatrical movies.

“Me and Romeo started in music and we changed the game. I feel like being independent, being able to do stuff on our own—we were able to help more people, put more people on, create more millionaires. I feel like this is going to open the doors—this is going to change the way Hollywood makes films, giving underdogs that really have talent an opportunity to be in a theatrical movie.”

Master P and Romeo’s “I Got the Hook Up 2,” will be premiering more than two decades after the original movie was released. –  (The Associated Press)