Mayor Patrick Brown: Staff to investigate costs and benefits of Brampton becoming a 5G enabled City


Whereas according to Brampton’s 2040 vision the City of Brampton is striving to be a hub for innovation and technology;
Whereas Brampton has aspirations and ambitions to be a smart city as seen through 2018’s federal Smart Cities
Whereas Brampton’s Economic Development master plan highlights innovation and technology as a key
Whereas the Brampton’s Smart City Team is in the process of developing a Smart City Program strategy;
Whereas connectivity is a core requirement for a Smart City;
Whereas 5G is an up and coming technology that can have major technological and economic benefits to
Whereas most cities are not 5G enabled and Brampton can potentially be positioned as a leader;
Whereas a city that is 5G enabled can leverage this as a business attraction tool to start-ups and mature
businesses alike;
Whereas finding new and innovative ways of engaging the private sector and all other stakeholders, where
investments, risks and benefits are shared, would be the future model for implementing and utilizing
Therefore Be It Resolved that:
Staff be directed to explore collaboration and partnership opportunities to implement 5G technology
throughout the City and report back to a future Council meeting.


“Brampton – Canada’s second fastest growing and youngest city is one of Canada’s
fastest-emerging tech and innovation hubs. Our city has many of the components
required to become one of the smartest urban destinations in the world, creating jobs.”
Mayor Patrick Brown

“Brampton is an innovative and smart city that is always on the leading edge of
technology. We are already a leader with significant fibre optic infrastructure and
moving forward with the CyberSecure Catalyst. Today, we took another competitive
leap to become an early 5G deployment city.”
Regional Councillor Rowena Santos

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