Mississauga Now Well-Positioned To Become An Arts-Friendly City With Cultural Districts


MISSISSAUGA: With growing art, culture and creative industry scene and unique neighbourhoods that are emerging as popular hubs of creativity and innovation, Mississauga is well-positioned to be an arts-friendly city.

Many neighbourhoods in Mississauga are intensifying and we are witnessing a growing cluster of arts and culture facilities, and diverse entertainment, retail and dining options.

The waterfront is more vibrant than ever and teeming with boating enthusiasts, cyclists, art lovers and foodies. Exciting things are already happening in our city and the stage is set for the development of Cultural Districts.

What are Cultural Districts? Cultural districts are distinct, mixed-use areas that attract people because of their high concentration of cultural facilities (e.g. studios, performance venues, galleries, museums) and activities (e.g. events, shopping, dining, and public space activations).

These neighbourhoods act as local cultural destinations that invite residents and visitors alike to engage in creative expression, social gathering and community building.

Building on recommendations in the 2019-2029 Culture Master Plan to focus cultural development and City services in distinct cultural districts, we have identified six neighbourhoods for the establishment of Cultural Districts:

• Clarkson

• Cooksville

• Downtown

• Malton

• Port Credit

• Streetsville Mississauga’s Cultural Districts have been identified based on several characteristics shared by successful cultural districts worldwide – existing cultural assets to build on, increased development activity and government-supported revitalization efforts, an established and engaged community, dedicated partners such as local Business Improvement Associations (BIAs), strong political support, and a budding arts and culture scene that attracts the community and spurs local tourism.

Each of Mississauga’s Cultural Districts has a unique vibe and range of cultural offerings and will evolve in a way that reflects local heritage, identity and community ambitions. Cultural Districts will provide an enriched neighbourhood experience, strengthen sense of place and provide opportunities for people to actively participate in creative placemaking, storytelling and cultural programming.

Developing Mississauga’s Cultural Districts Recommended actions for developing Cultural Districts are outlined in the Cultural Districts Implementation Plan. The first phase of implementation will focus on flexible demonstration projects to test ideas within each Cultural District in 2021-2023 (e.g. marketing initiatives, wayfinding signage, temporary public art and public realm enhancements).

The success of these projects will help to inform long-term plans for the Cultural Districts as well as build public and private sector support. Pics: yoursay.mississauga.ca/

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