Mississauga’s Pedestrian Master Plan Will Reshape Neighbourhoods

Image by Horacio Lozada from Pixabay

MISSISSAUGA: The City of Mississauga is developing a Pedestrian Master Plan.

The plan will shape how pedestrian connections are designed and implemented across neighborhoods, helping to enhance and create safe places for people to walk in Mississauga.

It will also identify gaps in the city’s pedestrian network, create safe solutions and prioritize implementation.

A City release, announcing a survey for public input on the plan, said: “Walking is a part of everyday life and is an efficient, cost-effective and healthy way to travel around Mississauga.

The plan will act as a go-to reference for pedestrian infrastructure projects until 2041, supporting the City’s commitment to a Vision Zero approach.”

The project will:
• review the City’s existing pedestrian network, identifying gaps and opportunities for future infrastructure projects

• identify key destinations for pedestrians (e.g. transit stops, schools, local amenities etc.)

• analyse how growth and intensification will impact existing and future pedestrian infrastructure

• set short, medium and long-term service delivery and project priorities

• review best practices of pedestrian infrastructure and network design The Pedestrian Master Plan project is being led by the City of Mississauga. A consultant team led by Urban Systems and supported by Dilion Consulting is providing specialized expertise in active transportation and community engagement.

The City said that the results of a preliminary survey had showcased the barriers that exist in the pedestrian network today: improper use of roadways, poor winter sidewalk and trail conditions, and unsafe intersections.

“Now, we ask for your input again, this time to help us refresh and confirm the priorities and criteria of the Pedestrian Master Plan. The survey will take roughly 10 minutes to complete. The deadline to take the survey is November 30, 2020.”

The plan vision is: People in Mississauga will choose to walk knowing they have access to a network of sidewalks and trails that are safe, connected and accessible, enhancing the overall health, vibrancy and quality of life in the city.


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