MPP Deepak Anand Hosts Community Clean-Up Day in Malton


Mississauga, Tuesday, Jun 26 – MPP Deepak Anand organized a community clean-up day in the green space and pathway behind the Walmart Supercentre in Malton on Sunday, Jun 23.

Participants were given gloves, garbage bags, safety vests and trash pickers. MPP Anand was present to assist in the clean-up and to help address concerns presented by community members in the area.

This specific area of Malton has been part of the community clean-up drive before and volunteers offered MPP Anand many suggestions of how to maintain and improve the area. MPP Anand will work with his municipal colleagues to put some of their thoughts in to action.

Clean-up days are a regular feature of MPP Anand’s community calendar and he plans to hold a

community clean-up day once in two months as long as weather permits to give back to the community and offer an opportunity for residents to do the same.

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