Music most efficient to bring peace to world says Polish singer


Music is the “speech of soul” and is the most efficient way to bring peace to the world, feels Polish vocalist and composer Anna Maria Jopek.

“Music is the speech of soul. It is the perfect means of human communication, the most beautiful and often the most efficient in serving the mission of bringing peace and love to the world,” Jopek told IANS in an email interview.

The singer, who is in India to perform here and in Mumbai, doesn’t feel the need to translate music — even if people sing it in millions of languages.

She said: “If you sing honestly, from the bottom of your heart, the emotions and intentions are being understood deeper and stronger than on a verbal comprehension level.”

“True music is like a prayer and meditation. It’s the language of soul and it connects people exceptionally well.”

And it’s music that leads her to “unusual places”.

Talking about her India trip, she said: “I’ve been waiting eagerly for this trip. I’m fascinated by India’s culture, the traditional music I haven’t had a chance to learn and fathom, yet I receive it so deeply and mystically. I can’t wait to experience India.”

After performing here on Friday, she will head to Mumbai on Saturday and return to the capital to be part of the 11th edition of multi-genre music festival Holi Moo! on March 13.

Any plans to write a song about her visit here?

“Definitely! I’m ready to create. People, places, the beauty of the moment – those are my strongest inspirations. I dream of a musical fusion with Indian musicians. I would love to experience playing together,” said Jopek, who is here just weeks after releasing her new album “Minione”.

It’s a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning Afro-Cuban jazz pianist and composer, Gonzalo Rubalcaba – with her band.

Indonesia, Japan and Singapore are some of the places where she has toured. Didn’t language ever act as a barrier while performing in countries where Polish is not widely spoken?

“A man sings his humaneness – it’s a simple message and my daily faith. I believe that we communicate above words. Above conventions, the differences in form and thousands of details. Polish language, even if it’s not understood, is a beautiful sound. It’s a unique colour.

“I believe in sonorous value of my word and the universality of emotions,” said Jopek, who collaborated with the Grammy Award-winning singer Sting last December.

“The duo with Sting occurred spontaneously. I haven’t even dreamed of such a duo. Sting’s voice has led me through my entire adult life. He’s my beloved artiste. I need nothing else, life gives me more than I expect,” she said.

Any pre-concert ritual?

“I don’t have rituals. I don’t need roses in my wardrobe. The most important are people. I can’t go on a stage in a state of discord with anyone. The whole band has to be in a state of respect, happiness and readiness to meet the audience.

“The only thing I care about before the concert is harmony,” said the singer, who rocks the stage with her band that consists of AMJ on vocals and electronic keyboard, Krzysztof Herdzin (piano, accordion, flute, kalimba, vocals), Robert Kubiszyn (bass, wave drum, backing vocals, live looping), Pawel Dobrowolski on drums and Piotr Nazaruk on flute and traditional Polish folk instruments.