New Community Police Stations Open In Brampton, Malton

Mississaug Mayor Bonnie Crombie and MPP Deepak Anand at the Malton station.

PEEL REGION: Downtown Brampton’s is now virtual to effectively serve Brampton and Mississauga’s communities.

Peel Regional Police have opened two community sub-stations.

The Malton community station has re-opened and in response to the unique needs of the citizens of downtown Brampton, the new sub-station is a virtual one.

“Downtown Brampton and its’ concerns differ greatly from those of the Malton community PRP’s response has been designed to meet the needs of the unique environment presented by Downtown Brampton.

Officer visibility and presence in the downtown core was identified as the pressing community issue upon my arrival in early 2019.

Following meetings with stakeholders during the first few months of my tenure here, it became apparent that a greater footprint by Peel Regional Police was required to instill confidence in the public and improve the overall atmosphere in the downtown core.

the new Brampton Virtual Police station.

It is about people, not buildings in downtown Brampton,” Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah said.. The Virtual Community Sub Station has been designed to allow the public to contact and interact virtually with officers during regular business hours without attending a station.

It will also provide direct access to the communication center 24/7. It has also been designed to give the officers assigned to Foot Patrol and any officer dealing with calls in the area to attend, complete paperwork, follow-ups and take breaks while remaining present in the downtown.

The location at 45 George Street South is situated close to Gage Park within the core of historic downtown Brampton.

The interactive kiosk of the virtual sub-station is accessible to residents, businesses, and patrons alike between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to report incidents of concern to police. Examples of incidents include property or vehicle damage, driving complaints, theft and lost property.


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