New Grant Program For Owners Of Farmland In Dufferin


Farmers in Dufferin County can now take on meaningful environmental projects on their properties with the support of a new grant program offered by the county.

The Dufferin Rural Water Quality Program provides technical and financial assistance to agricultural landowners to encourage practices that improve and protect water quality.

Grants range from 50 to 100 per cent of the total project cost, up to $5,000 per project. Funding is available for projects such as clean water diversion, livestock fencing, tree planting, wetland creation, nutrient management planning and more. The program was recently approved by Dufferin Council and is now accepting applications. Funding is limited, so act quickly.

“Council has demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting water quality,” said Mark Eastman, Senior Coordinator, Agricultural Outreach at CVC. “We want to encourage responsible agricultural practises that will benefit entire communities. This grant provides farmers with the resources they need to take on environmental projects.”

A similar program in neighbouring Peel Region has had great success. Since beginning in 2004, 154 projects have been completed with a total project value of over $4.4 Million. Landowners have received $720,995 in grants. The program has helped store 34,000 dump trucks worth of manure, installed 12 km of fencing to restrict livestock from rivers and wetlands, and restored or protected 109 hectares of land. The program is also responsible for planting an impressive 25,000 trees and shrubs.

The benefits of improved water quality include a safe and secure water supply, a healthy aquatic ecosystem and sustainable agriculture. Farmers own and manage the majority of land in Dufferin County. This program can assist farmers to create wetlands and woodlands that protect drinking water and improve overall health of the Credit River Watershed.

The Program is funded by Dufferin County and administered by  Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), Grand River Conservation Authority, Toronto and Region Conservation, Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority and Nottawasaga Valley Authority.