New rules on air-passengers’ rights set to land


New polling results suggest many people don’t know about the Liberal government’s new regime outlining air passengers’ rights. The poll found that just over half of respondents said they hadn’t heard or read anything about the rules aiming to protect flyers caught in travel nightmares.

The first set of passenger-rights rules that landed in mid-July require airlines to compensate and respond to tarmac delays, denied boardings and lost or damaged luggage. The final set of rules take effect this weekend and will require airlines to seat parents beside or near their children at no extra cost.

They also require airlines to compensate flyers for delays and cancellations within an airline’s control. Carriers will also need to meet minimum standards and help the public understand their rights. The rules set out minimum standards for all carriers to follow and requirements to help the travelling public understand their rights.

It also relies on travellers filing complaints with airlines or, as a last resort, the Canadian Transportation Agency. Air Canada and Porter Airlines, as well as 15 other carriers and two industry groups, launched a legal challenge to the new rules over the summer. They argued the regulations exceeded the Canadian Transportation Agency’s authority. The legal challenge is currently before the Federal Court of Appeal. (The Canadian Press)