Newa Community Of Nepal Marks ‘Mha Pooja’ & New Year


Mississauga: The Newa community of Nepal residing around the GTA celebrated “Mha Pooja”,  the cultural journey of worshipping one’s body, and the New Year Nepal Sambat 1140 at a  Mississauga banquet hall on Monday, October 28.

Speaking at the event, chief guest  Visiting Fullbright Professor at Holy Cross College, Boston, Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya shed light on the importance of the event which emphasizes the need to know yourself and respect yourself.

Highlighting the specific  ‘Mandala’  of the event,  Prof. Bajracharya explained the connection of it with life to make the life more meaningful and fruitful.  Prof. Bajracharya further elucidated the farsightedness of the ancestors about the environment, sustainability and simplicity through the culture.

Before the event, the participants went around with a rally of greetings and chanting “Happy New Year Nepal Sambat 1140”. Nepal Sambat was started by a businessman named Sankhadhar Sakhwal who cleared all the debts of people 1139 years ago.

Around two hundred people sat cross-legged on the floor in front of colorfully decorated individual Mandalas until the ritual was completed.

Besides Nepalese community members, Prof. Dr. Tom O’Neil of Brock University, Ph. D.  and Masters level students of Toronto University Mr. Ian Turner, Ms. Amber Moore , Mr. Austin Simose-Gomes and Alana participated in the event.

At the program, organized by Canadian Newa Guthi,  various speakers including Guthi’s President Prakash Pradhan, General Secretary Bimal Shrestha and Program Coordinator Suman Rajbanshi laid stress on the need of carrying out cultural events for the future generation.

At the end of the program Mr. Sanuraja Maharjan, Ms. Ranjana Sainju , Mr. Ian Turner and group entertained the guests with music and songs. Report: Uttam Makaju