Newa Gathi Holds Virtual ‘Mantra Therapy’


Toronto:  Canadian Newa Guthi recently organized virtual “Buddhist Mantra Therapy” session to avert possible mental health issues caused by Covid-19. Elucidating the importance of the session, former Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist Unversity and Fullbright Scholar in Residence at Holy Cross College Prof. Dr. Naresh Man Bajracharya said that during COVID -19  people are compelled to stay inside the home to further prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Prof. Dr. Bajracharya

Staying inside the house for a longer period can lead to developing boredom, intolerance and depression even among the normal individuals. If it is not managed in a timely manner, the situation can further deteriorate. In this critical situation, “Buddhist Mantra Therapy” can be an option to tranquilize the anxiety and angst.

Connecting the session with the human mind, Prof. Dr. Bajracharya said that mind is the vital part of the body which can be considered as driver in bringing prosperity to the self, society and earth. Embracing positive thought definitely harnesses positive energy in the life.

“Good mind, best life, bad mind, worst life”, a Newari proverb helps us to be aware to avert the problem of depression. Citing the example of the lotus which blooms from the dirty pond, Prof. Bajracharya exhorted the participants to expect good things from polluted sources if you can discard negativity and manage properly.

In the practical session of the Buddhist Mantra therapy, Prof. Bajracharya taught participants chanting of different Mantras including Dashaparamita, Om Mane Padme Hun, and a segment of meditation. Participants said the session was meant to ease out the stress. Prof. Bajracharya conducted the session online from Boston, United States.