Newfoundland man accused of killing his five year old daughter


A Newfoundland man accused of killing his five-year-old daughter and setting his home on fire has pleaded guilty to arson _ but Trent Butt will stand trial for first-degree murder.

Crown prosecutor Lloyd Strickland has told the court that Quinn Lorna-Kay Butt was found dead on gasoline soaked sheets in the master bedroom of her father’s home in April 2016.

Strickland says Trent Butt had also left a suicide note saying he’d taken her life and his.

The Crown says Butt was motivated by animosity towards his ex-wife.

However, the defence says Butt wrote the suicide note in 2015 when he was depressed.

As well, the defence says he set the home on fire after concluding he had accidentally suffocated the girl.