‘Nothing To Lose’ Captures The Life And Times Of Ma Anand Sheela Of The Osho Movement

Manbeena Sandhu with Ma Anand Sheela

For two decades Manbeena Sandhu followed the Osho movement and the Rajneeshees, which finally culminated with her meeting Ma Anand Sheela, who is an Indian-born Swiss, who was the spokeswoman of the Rajneesh movement.

Manbeena has written a riveting story of Sheela’s life and her intense relationship with Bhagwan.

The book pulls back the curtain to reveal what actually happened amidst the secrecy of the cult’s ashram. This is a story that took place in the ’80s. Between 1981 and 1985 Sheela was the personal aide to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), who was the infamous spiritual guru and she was second-in-command of his organization, located in Wasco County, Oregon, U.S.A. Sheela, allegedly spearheaded what is known as the largest bioterror attack in American history.

As a result, she consequently spent thirty-nine months in prison. Ma Anand Sheela has fascinated and intrigued the world and Manbeena brings her compelling story to life. This new title will be officially released by Harper Collins, India on October 10th and is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca Sheela’s fan-base increased following the Netflix documentary series, Wild Wild Country.

According to the docu-series reviews, Sheela was the most compelling figure in the documentary. She was depicted at the center of the group’s activities and the main driver of the entire operation in Oregon.

She was the face of the group, providing many televised interviews in which she passionately defended the group’s actions, without fear of being controversial. This book tells it as it is.

“For over two decades I have been in close association with some of the most devoted as well as renegade followers of Bhagwan.

“These folks have eagerly shared their personal stories, anecdotes and experiences of life in the Bhagwan world. One such larger than life figure was that of Ma Anand Sheela. I had the opportunity of first meeting her in 2019,” according to Manbeena.

“Sheela’s highly eventful life inspired me to document her incredulous saga. This witty lieutenant of Bhagwan led one of the most popular spiritual movements of the 21st century. She not only shook the grounds of the United States but the eyes of the world were upon her through her non-conforming, non-traditional and rebellious ways.”

“I’m excited about the release of the book on October 10th. This book is a product of my deep passion, and interest in the movement. I conducted personal interviews with Sheela as well as kept in constant touch through telephone conferencing to ensure the accuracy of the information depicted through the pages of the book and to tell the real story.”


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