Onion prices cross Rs 100/kg in Delhi, Centre turns to imports

New Delhi: Onions at Azadpur Mandi, in New Delhi on Oct 19, 2019. (Photo: IANS)

New Delhi:  Onion prices which have been rising for weeks now have crossed the psychological mark of Rs 100 a kg in Delhi.

Despite various measures having been put in place by the Central government, onion prices have been on fire and imports are now being made to cool down the retail level spike.

In the light of public concern over high prices of onions in the market, the Ministry of Agriculture today decided to allow relaxation from the condition of fumigation and endorsement on PSC as per the Plant Quarantine Order, 2003 for onion imports up to November 30.

The Agriculture Ministry said that conditions to be met are that such consignments of imported onions which arrive in Indian port without fumigation and endorsement to that effect on the PSC, would be fumigated in India by the importer through an accredited treatment provider.

The consignment would be inspected thoroughly by quarantine officials and released only if found free from pests and diseases of concern to India.

The consignments of onions for consumption will not be subjected to the four times additional inspection fees on account of non-compliance of conditions of import under the PQ Order, 2003.

The Congress today seized the issue to attack the BJP government at the Centre.

Party spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said that there is sufficient quality of onions in the country, but prices are on the boil because the government is protecting the blackmarketeers who have hoarded the staple vegetable.

“Now the government is going to import onion. We have strong objections on it. The farmers are not benefiting with the price rise. We would request the government not to quick-fix and put band aid”, she added.

The Congress is objecting to the government plans to import onions which it is resorting to increase the supply.