Ontario Supporting Students and Protecting Front-Line Teachers Province Modernizing 2019-20 School Year Funding

Ontario Premier Doug Ford makes an announcement at Queen's Park in Toronto, on Friday, July 27, 2018. Ford says he will significantly reduce the number of Toronto city councillors just months before the fall municipal election.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher Katsarov

MISSISSAUGA – Ontario’s Government for the People is protecting what matters most by creating a world class education system which will prepare our students for the jobs of

The province will use a modernized approach to education reform to better utilize technology, give students the skills they need to succeed, protect front line teachers and ensure every dollar spent benefits students.

The Ministry of Education recently confirmed education funding allocations to the province’s school boards. Ontario will provide $24.66 billion in education funding to school boards in
2019–20, investing more in education for the coming school year than the previous government committed for 2018-19.

“We are putting student achievement at the centre of everything we do to make sure students leave school with the tools they need

to be successful both inside and outside the classroom,”

said Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education.

“We continue to invest more money into our education system every single year and we will ensure every dollar helps deliver the results parents and students expect.”

“We promised to improve the education system for students in Peel Region and across Ontario.

By putting students at the centre of our planning we are ensuring their future success. We are modernising the classroom and updating the curriculum to make sure our students succeed in math and literacy.”

Said Mississauga Centre MPP Natalia Kusendova.

“Our plan for rolling out class sizes over four years to meet national standards, added protections for teacher’s jobs, funding based on enrollment, in conjunction with curricula updates, all ensure that future success for our students.”

A new Attrition Protection Allocation of $1.6 billion in the province’s education funding model will top-up funding for school boards to protect front-line teaching staff, which will prevent boards from having to lay off teachers impacted by proposed changes in class sizes and e-learning.

Ontario also announced the launch of the new Priority and Partnerships Fund (PPF), which will focus on providing students opportunities to expand their education through outcome-based programs with school boards and organizations. The province is continuing to invest in school repair and maintenance and is increasing funding for special education, indigenous and French-language education.

Highlights of the additional investments and priorities in education for the 2019-2020 schoolyear include:

 Assistance to school boards to implement new curriculum, including an improved Career
Studies course;
 Opportunities and culturally-appropriate programs to support learning, and help foster a
greater sense of community for students in Ontario’s French-Language Education
 Providing Indigenous students with more opportunities, including help with transitions
into higher education or work;
 Improving math performance with the new four-year Math Strategy;
 Mental health programming and supports students and families need to ensure school
boards help make the critical connection between positive mental health and student
 Assistance for students with special education needs, including pilot programs to
improve supports for students with Autism as well as other developmental disorders;
 Support for students as they transition out of high school – whether they choose to
pursue apprenticeship, college, university, or work;
 Improved internet access for Ontario’s students – including those in rural and northern
 $1.4 billion in the 2019-20 school year to repair and renew schools across Ontario, to
help provide healthy, safe and accessible learning environments for students; and
 Increased funding for student transportation to ensure school boards can continue to
deliver safe and reliable services for those depending on them.
Quick Facts:
 The Ministry of Education provides the majority of its operating funding to Ontario’s 72
district school boards through the annual Grants for Student Needs (GSN) education
funding model.
 The Grants for Student Needs (GSN) is the main funding that school boards receive
annually. The current GSN information allows school boards to make informed decisions
about their budgets for the 2019-2020 school year.
 The GSN for the 2019-20 school year in Ontario is projected to be $24.66 billion, an
increase of $47 million over the 2018-19 school year. The average per pupil funding
across the province will be $12,246.
 On March 15, 2019, Ontario released a new vision for education: Education that Works
for You
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