Ontario’s African Lion Safari Celebrates 50 Wild Years!


For a memorable family adventure, close to home, visit African Lion Safari.

Conveniently located between Hamilton and Cambridge, the Safari is only an
hour’s drive from Toronto and an hour and a half from the U.S. border.

Get CLOSER than you ever imagined to over 1,000 exotic birds and animals,
including many threatened and endangered species such as the Asian elephant
and Rothschild giraffe. Your all-inclusive day “On Safari! TM ” includes; drive-
through Game Reserves, exciting bird and animal presentations, Pets’ Corner,
“Nature Boy” scenic railway and “African Queen” boat cruise, Discovery Centre,
Misumu Bay Wet Play and Jungle Playgrounds.

As you drive through African Lion Safari’s seven large Game Reserves, each
with a unique wildlife habitat, you’ll see animals moving freely and come
incredibly close to a pride of majestic lions, a herd of graceful giraffe, a crash of
rhino, and many more animals from around the world. Drive your own vehicle or
take an educationally guided, air-conditioned Safari Tour Bus! (additional
After your tour of the reserves, enjoy family-friendly meals, beverages and
snacks at Mombasa Market Restaurant. Then visit the Safari Outfitters gift shops,
featuring many unique, animal-themed souvenirs.

Visit Misumu Bay Wet Play where your children can GET WET & GO WILD! This
interactive water adventure features tipping buckets, water sprays and a splash
area to let kids cool off during their hot day “On Safari! TM” (Height and seasonal
restrictions apply, visit lionsafari.com before packing your bathing suit)
Explore Discovery Centre and Pets’ Corner which is especially popular with
young children. Enjoy African Lion Safari’s exciting bird and animal
presentations, including; Parrot Paradise, Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration and
Elephants & Friends. Another must-see event is the Elephant Swim. Twice daily
the parks herd of Asian elephants parade trunk to tail to Recreation Lake to enjoy
a leisurely swim. Be sure to have your camera ready!

Founder Colonel G.D. Dailley’s original vision was “to create an environment for
self-sustaining populations of declining wildlife species.” African Lion Safari is
recognized internationally for its captive breeding programmes for many
endangered species as well as for its efforts to support conservation of wildlife

African Lion Safari is proud to be a founding member of CAZA (Canadian
Association of Zoos and Aquariums) as well as IAATE (International Association
of Avian Trainer and Educators). The park is an active member of WAZA (World
Association of Zoos and Aquariums), C2S2 (Conservation Centers for Species
Survival) as well as an establishing member of IEF (International Elephant

Get EVEN closer with unrivalled access on African Lion Safari’s Wake Up The
Wild VIP Experience! During this privately guided tour with a Game Warden,
witness a pride of lions at their most active time of day and as they devour their
morning meal. Then head off road in an open air truck to come within a metre of
the endangered rhino, zebra, ostrich, as well as the opportunity to hand feed
Canada’s largest herd of giraffe. Maximum tour capacity of 12 people.
Advanced reservations are required. Book now at wakeupthewild.com.
Go “On Safari!™” this summer and celebrate 50 years of conservation: open
daily May 4 th to September 29 th , 2019.
Your adventure starts at lionsafari.com.